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3 Essential Life-Skills You'll Learn as Part of Martial Arts Classes in Everett

Whether it's for yourself or your child, martial arts classes offer highly effective learning opportunities for three important skills that will serve you well no matter your age. It's one of the reasons why sports like taekwondo remain so popular--the foundational learning extends beyond the studio into home, school and work settings in positive ways.


Taekwondo students practice discipline through repetition of established moves and sparring with others. Becoming good at taekwondo takes time, and it's only by sticking with it and dedicating yourself to learning that you'll succeed; it's a great lesson in setting and working towards goals.


Martial arts typically require practitioners to be able to shift their weight with ease, maintain reliable eye-hand-foot coordination and master balance, both standing on one or two feet and in motion. Taekwondo in particular relies on footwork, and being more agile in day-to-day life is always a good strategy for reducing harmful falls.


Learning taekwondo under the direction of leading instructors requires students to listen carefully and act upon the instructions given. The expectations of martial arts training include building respect for your sparring partner, your instructor and the sport, and importantly, for yourself.

Are You Seeking Martial Arts Classes Like Taekwondo Near Everett?

Training kids for over 40 years with convenient schedules and a highly experienced staff, Evergreen Taekwondo Academy provides students with the highest quality instruction in the sport of taekwondo. The studio is owned and operated by Master Sean Dalton, a 7th degree Black Belt, who welcomes students aged 6 through adulthood and is committed to making instruction a very rewarding and enriching experience. A Kukkiwon-certified school affiliated with both the Korea Taekwondo Moo Duk Kwan Association and USA Taekwondo, students often train for ten years or more during the most formative period of their lives. Contact Evergreen today to learn more about martial arts classes through taekwondo and book free trial classes.

Highly Regarded Taekwondo Martial Arts Classes for Everett Learners Seeking Life-long Benefits

Serving Everett, Mukilteo, Mill Creek, Lynnwood & all of South Snohomish County

3 Essential Life-Skills You'll Learn as Part of Martial Arts Classes in Everett

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