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Best Ways to Know You’ve Found a Great Martial Arts Studio Serving Mill Creek

Updated: May 16, 2023

When you entrust your child’s learning of a sport like taekwondo to a martial arts studio, you want to feel confident that you’ve made the right choice. Here are three important qualities to look for as you consider which program is the best one for you and your family.

The Instructors are Experienced

A person’s ability to teach goes only as far as their own knowledge, skills and training. Seek out a program with accomplished instructors who are leaders in their sport, and who have demonstrated experience in sharing that knowledge with others in a respectful way.

Broad Range of Class Schedules

It’s pretty likely that you’re already juggling multiple responsibilities between work and the many activities your family already participates in. A martial arts school that’s got a range of options for classes will make it easier for you to stick to the schedule and avoid missing any of them.

Dedicated to Physical, Mental and Emotional Learning

Of course, learning the correct posture and movement is critical to success in learning a martial art such as taekwondo. But a good school also ensures students embrace the values of the sport being studied, such as respect, discipline and determination for well-rounded learning.

Are you Looking for a Martial Arts Studio Near Mill Creek?

Training kids for more than 40 years with convenient schedules and a highly

experienced staff, Evergreen Taekwondo Academy provides students with

the highest quality instruction in the sport of taekwondo. The studio is

owned and operated by Master Sean Dalton, a 7th degree Black Belt, and

welcomes students aged 6 through adulthood. Master Dalton is committed to

making instruction a very rewarding and enriching experience. A Kukkiwon-

certified taekwondo school affiliated with both the Korea Taekwondo Moo

Duk Kwan Association and USA Taekwondo, students often train for ten

years or more during the most formative period of their lives. Contact

Evergreen today to learn more about martial arts training for kids and book

free trial classes.

Highly Rated Martial Arts Studio Welcoming Mill Creeks Students of All ages

Serving Everett, Mukilteo, Mill Creek, Lynnwood & all of South Snohomish County

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