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Sean Dalton

Lead Instructor & School Owner

Master Dalton is a lifelong practitioner of Taekwondo. Starting at the age of 7, Taekwondo quickly became ingrained in Master Dalton’s life, drastically improving upon every aspect of his being. Earning his 1st Dan Black Belt at the age of 16, He felt that it was important to begin giving back to the art, his community, and his country. As such, at age 17, he started the arduous journey of becoming an instructor.

The desire to serve led Master Dalton to enlist in the United States Army, where he served for over 20 years, all the while continuing to train in and teach Taekwondo. In his military service, Master Dalton worked as a PATRIOT Fire Control Systems operator, a Cavalry Scout, a Combat Medic, a Drill Sergeant, and an SROTC Instructor, Additionally, Master Dalton brought Taekwondo training and Hand-to-Hand Combat training to service members in both the US and Korean Military. Master Dalton served a great deal of his time in the Army overseas, including tours in Korea, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Panama, Iraq, Afghanistan, Qatar, Kuwait, Somalia, and Ethiopia.

In 2018, his long-time instructor, mentor, and close friend, Grandmaster Jack Pierce, passed away, leaving a void in the school and lives of the students that he taught. Seeing the need for Grandmaster Pierce’s legacy to continue to live on, Master Dalton accepted the heavy responsibility of taking over the school, and revitalizing it, continuing to pass on the teachings that were given to him over the course of nearly 30 years. Since then, Master Dalton has promoted several black belt students, and has worked tirelessly to ensure that Taekwondo will always be available to members of his community.

Currently, Master Dalton holds the rank of 7th Dan Black Belt under the Korea Taekwondo Moo Duk Kwan Association, and is the Chief Instructor and owner of the Evergreen Taekwondo Academy. He also holds the position of Regional Director of the Pacific Northwest Region of the Moodo Taekwondo Association, which is the direct link to the Korea Taekwondo Moo Duk Kwan Association and Kukkiwon for him and his students. Master Dalton’s goal is to continue to build upon his own training and pass every bit of that training on to his students, and provide them with every opportunity that he has had in his training, and every opportunity that even he was unable to take in his own journey.

Sean Dalton
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